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A really good mystery read The story draws you in and is hard to put down, with all loose ends well tied up satisfactorily at the end
The Gypsy Killer - Mrs A L McLean
A compelling and enjoyable take on a murder mystery Angela is a skilled novelist and knows how to keep the pot boiling. In this story, she has built a complex plot around a compelling and controversial premise - not your run-of-the mill murder mystery. She handles the central conflict with tact and empathy, exposing the small mindedness that thrives in villages across the country. Overall, a compelling and enjoyable read - looking forward to the next one.
The Gypsy Killer - Paul Hirons
Great read A really well thought and researched story line. a brilliant page turner to the end. can’t wait for the next book.
The Gypsy Killer - Amazon Customer
You won’t be able to put this book down! This is a cracking good read from start to finish. The way the author introduces each character and then blends their lives and their stories together is a work of genius. The story is by turns intriguing, exciting, sad, and in parts pretty horrific. The empathy for certain characters rises and falls as the reader is led from one incident to another; a stark reminder of how we can all make mistakes, and can learn from these and change our life’s direction. The characters are exceptionally well crafted and the amount of detailed research that has gone into these intertwining stories is exemplary. Highly recommended....and a book I really didn’t want to finish.
The Gypsy Killer - Josie
The Gypsy Killer is a murder mystery that keeps the reader on their toes. It’s obvious early on that there’s a Gypsy killer at large, with the hook being immediate by the fine crafting of the author’s expressions and storytelling. I was definitely longing to know more. This is the tale of Jess with her eager imagination and passion for life which was beautifully emotive and vivid in texture and tone. She’s a wonderfully fresh character that I connected with from the outset. She was adopted into the Roma family and the traditions of these people which gave a very detailed insight into a community that is not very well established in the ordinary world and the prejudices they face. All of the characters were utterly rich and refreshing with so much detail but the character Fred was definitely one of my highlights, and I particularly loved how, despite the murders, the author still managed to introduce humour into the novel. I really enjoyed this book, it is one of those books that you stay up late into the night to read – ‘just one more chapter’. The authentic writing style is fast-paced and page-turning stuff and the ending felt as though it was full of suspense, most definitely keeping me on my toes. The Gypsy Killer is a good read that I would highly recommend and I will definitely be picking up previous books written by this author.
The Gypsy Killer - Whispering Stories Book Blog TOP 500 REVIEWER
I was hooked on this book from Chapter 1. Very well written and the surprising twists in the story made it a superb read. Murders, mystery, revenge and humour kept me gripped to the end.
The Gypsy Killer - Lynne
An enjoyable read with lots of strands gradually coming together. A well written tale and although I guessed where things were going, I liked the twists and turns. My main criticism is that the “blurb” about the book gives far too much away! I would recommend anyone interested in reading the book doesn’t read the description. I would certainly read more from this author.
The Gypsy Killer - Jinxy_Reads
I now have had the pleasure of reading all four of Angela’s books having just completed her latest The Gypsy Killer ! What an intriguing plot ! All four books have compelling story lines ! Once started hard to put down ! Well done Angela am now awaiting number 5 !!!
The Gypsy Killer - Alison
Intrigue, suspense, mystery are all in this book woven together with great skill. I found myself drawn in as one of them and never guessed the final outcome which is left to the final pages. A real murder mystery.
The Gypsy Killer - Ahleezah
A murder mystery that keeps the seniors of Bartonford on their toes....theories, deceit, fear...what is the truth?!! An extremely satisfying read with well structured plot that keeps the reader intrigued from beginning to end.
The Gypsy Killer - Simon
An interesting and compelling read, also quite thought provoking on how we sometimes view other people.
The Gypsy Killer - Dave

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