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I started writing in 2007 while travelling extensively with my husband after he had been diagnosed with cancer. Our holidays, once fast and furious, had to change pace. We bought ourselves an RV [Recreational Vehicle] which we kept in the USA. We made it our aim to spend most of our time ‘camping’ in the quite awesome National Parks of America. ‘RVers’ form a community – a rare, classless community always ready and willing to go that extra mile to help their fellow campers. I grew to admire their values and treasure their camaraderie. I started writing – about them – in a novel which I later called Lakeside.

It was worlds apart from my pre-retirement career, where I managed projects to restructure organisations – reorganisation was the key to achieving efficiency and reducing costs and always resulted in a significant number of redundancies. Those times reminded me of the values of my upbringing and reinforced the critical importance of empathy, fairness, equality, and teamwork.

I lost my husband in 2009. Life changed. I finished Lakeside and dedicated it to my husband’s memory.

Five years on, I wrote my way through breast cancer treatment. That journey – from carer to being cared for in a relatively short space of time – widened my horizons, deepened my empathy for others, and gave reason for me to reflect on my own future in later life. Where would I like to live? Who would I like to live with? How would I like to be treated? How would others perceive me?

At the same time, my mother was aging with the very early signs of dementia. I lost her in 2022. Stoic and determined right to the end, she made the most of every moment – there was always another adventure on the horizon. I learned never to underestimate the tenacity and resourcefulness of the elderly.

The Silveries series was born out of all these experiences. Magnolia Court retirement complex is where you’ll find me in later life enjoying every moment of it.

The Gypsy Killer interrupted the Silveries series for a while. I’d spotted what I believed to be an injustice. The story had to be told. I loved writing it.

I now live close to the town of Stratford-upon-Avon. I learn from and share my ideas with a writing group. I have expanded my horizons into playwrighting and acting through association with a local playwright and drama group. It was a red flag day when my first one-act play, Happy Talk, was staged in a Stratford theatre in 2022, followed by The Wind of Change in 2023. I am now looking forward to my next play being performed on stage in May 2025. 

Sad at leaving behind those I have loved, I feel lucky to be surrounded by a caring community and like-minded people who share my values.

I have made it my mission through my writing to be a voice for those who are often misunderstood or excluded from society for reasons outside of their own control.

I believe in positivity. The impossible we do at once, miracles take a little longer. There are always new challenges and opportunities. We just have to take that first step. A writer of novels, plays and short stories, and latterly actress, I would never have believed it possible. Here I am. Believe in yourself.
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