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The Gypsy Killer

The Gypsy Killer

When a fire destroys a gypsy caravan and kills LJ’s wife, Jess, all eyes turn to the residents of Bartonford,…
The Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar

Book 2 in The Silveries series
The Silver Sting

The Silver Sting

Book 1 in The Silveries series
California Dreaming (a novella)

California Dreaming (a novella)

The Silveries, In the Beginning
The Silver Dagger

The Silver Dagger

Book 3 in The Silveries series

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WAITING FOR THE NEXT IN THE SERIES! An exciting and heart-warming tale echoing the sentiment that life doesn’t stop with retirement but can be an ongoing adventure. Once again, the experienced and resourceful elderly residents of Magnolia Court triumph, putting love and family values at the top of the agenda. I have enjoyed this book almost as much as I enjoyed The Sting and look forward to hopefully reading a follow up to find what Magnolia Court residents next get up to.
The Silver Dollar - Isla
A HIGHLY ENJOYABLE READ Well thought out plot with some interesting twists and turns, very enjoyable read.
The Silver Sting - Dave
VERY ENJOYABLE I knew from the second I heard about this book that it was right up my street. Anything that involves getting some form of justice for a wronged group is totally me! So in this book we not only follow the story of what has happened to Magnolia Court, where residents were scammed, it also takes us through each of the individuals we need to meet to piece the story together. I warmed to and loved some of the characters, wasn’t too fond of others, and took pleasure in others being inconvenienced. The settings were great, putting us right there, not only as we read past articles and went through the history of events but also in the present day. In some cases the surroundings mirrored the decay that had taken place in lapsed time, while in other we found ourselves in luxury. The pacing suited me well, in particular when jumping from person to person, you felt you had to read on. Thanks so much to Anne Cater for allowing me to be part of this blog tour and for the book in return for an honest review.
The Silver Sting B R Maycock (VINE VOICE)
A MOST ENTERTAINING READ A really enjoyable book, and once started, very hard to put down. The characters were developed in a way that greatly added to the pleasure of this feel-good story. I’m looking forward to Angela’s next book!
The Silver Sting - pb_02
GREAT HOLIDAY READ Really enjoyed the twists in this story and the moral tale of gaining justice and righting a wrong. Very clever writing keeping your interest going until the end.
The Silver Sting - Amazon customer
ANOTHER HIT BY ANGELA DANDY Took a while to get to know all the characters. The plot then began to form and became infectious ! Well thought out & very true to life ! Too often the older generation can be taken for a very expensive ride ! Now awaiting book number three !!!!
The Silver Sting - Alison
A THOROUGHLY ENJOYABLE PAGE TURNER Great characters and cleverly structured plot, this book is a great read with a real feel good ending.
The Silver Sting - Delighted reader
AN EXCELLENT READ An excellent book written at a fast pace keeping you interested to the very end and making you hope that what you want to happen does happen. I won’t spoil it by spilling the beans. I would certainly recommend it and I’m looking forward to reading the others in the series.
The Silver Sting - Viviana