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The Gypsy Killer

No-one is safe while the gypsy killer roams free.

When a fire destroys a gypsy caravan and kills LJ’s wife, Jess, all eyes turn to the residents of Bartonford, a picturesque village in Warwickshire. With property prices plummeting, the villagers will stop at nothing to see the back of the gypsies. But will they resort to murder?

Student, Elizabeth Goodge, is no lightweight when it comes to ferreting out information. What she discovers is shocking. The life of another gypsy hangs in the balance – one more in a long line of victims.

A story of family, hope, despair and obsession, no-one is safe while the gypsy killer roams free.


“I ‘ll be reminded of The Gypsy Killer every time I pass gypsies camped on grassy verges. It’s a great story and I loved the characters. I thought that I was on top of the twists and turns of the plot, but Angela was always one step ahead of me. Had to read right to the end!”

Release Date (New Edition) 2 May 2024 Publisher: Cottrill Publishing

Printed Book

ISBN – 9781738526192

RRP – £9.99


ISBN – 9781738526185

RRP – £4.99

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