Latest News – The Silver Lining, Book 4 in the Silveries series, coming September 2024

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The Silver Sting

Book 1 in The Silveries series

It has been thirteen years since the elderly residents of Magnolia Court were scammed out of their comfortable retirement…

A twist of fate leads them to uncover the whereabouts of the unscrupulous developer who took their money. When the residents draw on their life skills to overcome one obstacle after another, there might be some hope to recover what is theirs by right.

Don’t underestimate them as they embark on their quest for retribution.

Helen Hewitt WHAT A READ!

“It is wonderful to pick up a book and then find it hard to put down. The Silver Sting is one of these. Following the characters who happen to be elderly and probably past their prime, happy in their gardening or craft, when something happens and they decide to fight back…and win! Anyone with a little silver in their hair will relate to this completely It is easy to become attached and to worry about the characters, each with an incredible separate story to tell.. Reading the last chapter you want to shout… HOORAY..they did it.”

Release Date: 30 November 2022 Publisher: Gaia & Fenrir

Printed Book

ISBN – 9781738526130

RRP – £9.99


ISBN – 9781738526123

RRP – £1.99

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