Latest News – The Silver Lining, Book 4 in the Silveries series, coming September 2024

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The Silver Dollar

Book 1 in The Silveries series

After twenty years without him, Jennifer’s son, Jamie, turns up at Magnolia Court. Handsome and charming, he wins the hearts and minds of the residents. Or does he? Is he really all he seems? Is he telling the whole truth or is there something in his past that he wants to remain secret? The Silveries won’t rest until the truth is out.




“An exciting and heart-warming tale echoing the sentiment that life doesn’t stop with retirement but can be an ongoing adventure. Once again, the experienced and resourceful elderly residents of Magnolia Court triumph, putting love and family values at the top of the agenda.

I have enjoyed this book almost as much as I enjoyed The Sting and look forward to hopefully reading a follow up to find what Magnolia Court residents next get up to.”

Release Date: 27 November 2022 Publisher: Gaia & Fenrir

Printed Book

ISBN – 9781915208118

RRP – £9.99


ISBN – 9781738526147

RRP – £2.99

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