Latest News – The Silver Lining, Book 4 in the Silveries series, coming September 2024

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Book 4 in the Silveries series
The Silver Lining - coming soon

Off to a great start!


My first review from one of my beta readers:

“Well, I’ve finished reading The Silver Lining… what can I say… Loved it!!! By far your best so far. My interest was sparked in Chapter 3… the setting in Bucharest. You must have done so much research to make it as readable and believable as you did…


The harsh reality of trafficking was brought to a small community of Silveries and reader with equal quantities of shock, horror and disbelief that this unfortunately does happen on our small island.



A real page turner…”



And a short insight into the storyline (the draft blurb):


“Denied the chance to complete her education in Romania, Elena seeks opportunities further afield. Lured by lies into prostitution, she seeks refuge desperate to save herself and her family. 

Leaving behind a dysfunctional family, Penny flies to England to pay her last respects to her sister, Amy, little knowing what awaits or that she may never return alive.”