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Angela Dandy

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The Seaside

Stretching his neck, he surveyed his territory. The beach was awash with colour…

A Winter’s Tail

See My Books Contact Me A Winter’s Tail A Winter’s Tail It is a long February. Albeit that there were only twenty-eight days in the month, it seems more like a year. The elements are against us; gale-force winds blow in from the south, waves crash against the cliff faces, icy cold rain drives into […]


“You’re in the autumn of your life, my dear,” he said…


I live in a thatched cottage overlooking the sea. It is a listed eighteenth-century cottage believed to have been built in eighteen-thirty and the first coastguard’s cottage…


Fastening my seat belt, I reach out to the sat nav and set my new destination…

The Hat

I am excited. Today I am going to join a band of forty extras to make my small contribution to a film, set in the 1930s.